U-Shaped Kitchen Design – Kitchen Design Ideas by Saviesa

The kitchen design or shape depends on various factors such as kitchen size and one’s needs and preferences. A kitchen can be designed in a variety of shapes. Some popular kitchen designs are the U-shaped kitchen, L shaped kitchen, Island kitchen, Parallel kitchen and Peninsula (G shaped kitchen).

This blog will help you understand the different dynamics of designing a U-shaped kitchen for your home. You will also get a good understanding of what a U-shaped kitchen is, what are its major pros and cons and we will also highlight some of our popular kitchen designs.

U-Shaped Kitchen

Every kitchen layout has its prominent features and serves us accordingly. The U-shaped kitchen is known for its extra storage capability and the functionality that it offers. The kitchen layout consists of 3 adjoining walls which offer a lot of space in the form of the countertop, the cleaning area, and the cabinets. It easily accommodates many appliances such as a dishwasher and a microwave. This image, shown below, is of an efficient U-shaped kitchen designed by Saviesa.

Now, let’s get familiarised with some of the magnificent U-shaped modular kitchen designs by Saviesa.

From the Emblem Collection of Saviesa:

U-Shaped Kitchen – Scandica Modular Kitchen

U Shaped Kitchen by Saviesa

Saviesa had gracefully designed this U-shaped kitchen with prominent features. The highlight of this kitchen is the high sheen acrylic and synchro laminate shutters. The cabinets are perfectly utilized and the open shelves with the spotlights are classifying the best modular kitchen look. The design provides a good amount of storage and is very elegant.

U-Shaped Kitchen – Crylica Modular Kitchen

Beautiful U Shaped Kitchen

As you can see, in the above video, the Crylica kitchen is exquisitely designed into a U shaped kitchen.  This extra-ordinary design of the open shelves and the look of the cabinet shutters are enhanced by the textile colours with an excellent finish. While the handle-less shutters add extra beauty to the modular kitchen design. This kitchen is perfectly designed using both the acrylic and laminate shutter finishes.  Acrylics and synchro-laminates make a perfect combination.  Read our blog, “Best Shutter Material for Modular Kitchen Cabinets: Laminate or Acrylic Finish” to know how the acrylic and laminate combination works best for kitchen finishes.

Now, we will have a look at the pros and cons of the U shaped kitchen.


>The U shaped kitchen gives ample storage space and facilities. It can include a lot of cabinets giving more storage options.

>The kitchen countertops are big enough to provide a dedicated space for cooking and preparation.

>The kitchen is clutter-free.

>It provides a separate place for preparing your food, cooking, and cleaning (washing the dishes).


>It can be difficult to access and use the corner cabinets. But, this drawback is easily solved by Saviesa and its extensive range of kitchen corner units.

>Using kitchen cabinets on three sides can reduce the floor area.

Saviesa knows how to design a perfect modular kitchen in any shape and size. The above cons of U-shaped modular kitchen are seamlessly avoided through our expertise. We design modular kitchens in such a way that all your barriers are resolved thus making your kitchen experience truly wonderful. Now you know the important facts about U-shaped kitchen design and also how Saviesa can help you get your dream modular kitchen.

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