Modular Kitchen v/s Carpenter-made Kitchen: Which is better and why?

While designing a kitchen a general question arises which is whether to choose a modern modular kitchen or an old-fashioned carpenter-made kitchen?  Carpenter-made kitchens are very common as it a traditional way of getting a kitchen designed. But as times change, the needs and elements of kitchen design change as well. Therefore, one must consider all the various factors of the modular kitchen and the carpenter-made kitchen and then choose which one to go ahead with. We will be covering important factors of kitchen designing with both options in detail to help you become more informed and make a smarter decision. Let’s start with the modular kitchen.

What is a Modular Kitchen?

Modular kitchen design from Saviesa

Modular kitchens consist of different ready-made modules of cabinets along with modern accessories brought together to form a splendid kitchen design. The cabinets come in standardized sizes and are available in different styles. Modular kitchens are factory-made and have a premium finish. Quality is marked on priority to deliver you the best.

PROS of Modular Kitchens

-You will get perfect finishes with neat edges. The overall look of the modular kitchen is unbeatable.

-You will get maximum functionality as the kitchen cabinets are designed to provide maximum storage facilities.

-The modules are ready-made and only needs to be assembled. So, a modular kitchen is a hassle-free.

-Quality and durability are high.

-You get to choose your dream kitchen design among the various options that a modular kitchen provides.

-What you see in the showroom in 3D design is what your kitchen will look like once done.

-You will pay what was confirmed initially i.e. the cost does not change in the process of designing your kitchen.

-The delivery is fast as the factory work is very quick and on-time.

-Modern accessories make the modular kitchen a great choice to go with as they are designed to use maximum space available and provide a good amount of storage.

-Space is well utilized to modular kitchen design with the help of a variety of kitchen cabinets and units.

-Well organized and well planned with excellent accessibility:– Modular kitchens are designed in such a way that all you need while cooking is handy. They come with exceptional solutions for any kitchen kind of issues be it space, storage or finish problems.

-Saviesa – A modular kitchen expert who uses the latest technology to bring your dream kitchen into reality.

-Hear from our customers talking about their experience on modular kitchen design with us.

CONS of Modular Kitchen

At first, a modular kitchen seems expensive because of many elements that it comes with. But, here it is worth noting that the modular kitchen cost changes according to the kitchen materials and appliances you choose.

What is a Carpenter-Made Kitchen?

A carpenter-made kitchen is built by the locally available carpenters by hand.  This is done by manual measuring, cutting and finishing process. They follow the old methods of making the kitchen. The work and the finishes are completed at your home itself.

PROS of Carpenter-made Kitchen

You can get customized wooden work to your exact size.

Carpenter-Made Kitchen

-The delivery may be late as it is hand-made work.

-Finishes and edges won’t be as perfect as modular kitchen’s finish as they are hand-made.

-You won’t be able to visualize your kitchen in 3D as you can in designing a modular kitchen. So, there is a limit to the imagination which may reflect in your finished kitchen.

-There will be disruption at home.

-Carpenter-made kitchens come with cost fluctuations.

-Generally in carpenter-made kitchens, once the kitchen is done, it’s not very easy to contact the carpenter or he is will not be available when any problem is faced in the designed kitchen.

-There is no warranty given on the products.

Which is better, a modular kitchen or a carpenter-made kitchen and why?

So, now that you are aware of the pros and cons of the modular kitchen and the carpenter-made kitchen, we hope that you will take the right decision easily. Modular kitchens are popular because of all the reliability, facilities, and finishes that they offer. Modular kitchens are the smarter choice as they are designed carefully considering all your current and future needs. A modular kitchen is certainly the right choice to go with due to the magnificent features it offers. Saviesa is a modular kitchen expert and is taking it to the next level with its excellent vision and services.

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